vapor fire solutions


No heat, warm feelings!

Mudjoo v-tech is a revolutionary system turning water into mist, illuminated by a colourful led light games, resulting in a truly realistic fire effect.

Running on tap water, our devices is a brand-new alternative to classical ethanol and gas features, cost effective to run and fully childproof while safety restriction, all the benefits of fire without any inconvenience.

Our advanced fire technology is fully automatic, easy to operate and doesn’t require hard connections, the easiest and safest solution to integrate fire in residential and commercial projects.

All the benefit of fire without a single restriction

Water Fuel

No Smell

No Smoke

No ash

No Chimney

No Hard Connections

Simplicity Of Use

Maintenance Free

No Runinng Cost

100% Childproof

Plug & Play

Made to Measure

Made for you

Fire ribbon on demand

Build the perfect fit!
Mudjoo e-tech solution has been studied for project basis,
to fulfill special needs of architects and interior designers.

Our technology and production allow the creation of endless fire line,
up to 4.6meters in a single burner or the addition of several units for longer requirements.
Every linear feature, regardless of the length is operable with a single remote control or can be connected to any home automation system.

Bespoke finishing

Every design is unique, every environment different… we propose in option a wild range of top layers made for you, allowing to integrate the fire feature in line with your surrounding environment.

Originally coming in brushed stainless steel, Mudjoo gives unlimited possibilities to customise the look of your device: copper, gold, antic or powder coated… personalize the way you want.

Be in touch with us for specific enquiry.

Technical data
Top plate/ stainless steel grade 316
Casing/ galvanized steel
Power supply/ 230 V / 115 V
Fuel/ water
Data per linear meter
Capacity/ 7,0 L
Burning time/ 8 - 10 hours
Heat output/ NA
Net weight/ 22 kg
Top/ brushed stainless steel
*see optional customisation
Height/ 354 mm
Depth/ 325 mm
Width/ customized
on demand (min. 900mm - max 8000mm)

Data sheet
indicator per linear meter

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